Our Organization

A brief history

The Preservation Society of Pawtucket (PSP) was founded in 1978 with a specific focus on preserving historic buildings in the city.   Since then the PSP has worked to encourage preservation of Pawtucket's historic resources, particularly those that reflect the city's unique identity as a thriving industrial center.

In the early 1980s, members of the PSP encouraged the city government to establish a Historic District Commission, to be charged with monitoring and regulating the care of historic buildings in the city.  

The Preservation Society thereafter continued its role of educating the community about Pawtucket's unique history, raising public awareness about threats to our historic resources, and advocating for the protection of important buildings and sites.  

Who we are today

The Heritage Alliance of Pawtucket evolved from the Preservation Society, after the current board members decided to focus more on promoting the city's heritage and cultural resources, in addition to preserving the city's built environment.  

With the Historic District Commission functioning as an official and regulatory body, our organization can now turn to educational programs and activities that increase knowledge about Pawtucket's history, whether it be architectural or cultural, and encourage pride in our neighborhoods. 

Our Board

(all board members are volunteers)

David Hansen (Treasurer)

Jennifer Hennigan

Holly Herbster

Timothy McDuff

Zachary Russell

Barbara Zdravesky (President)

Jen Zereski

Newsletters and Reports